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Years of industry experience and strong strength
  • focusing on glassware production and processing.
  • our own crystal glass production workshop.
  • support electroplating, hand-painting and post-processing.
  • free and professional inspectors, support third-party inspections.
  • Trustworthy brand
More than 6000 pieces of own molds
  • decanters, wine glass, drinking glass, charger plates
  • independent design and research and development.
  • 酒具
    wine set
  • 酒杯
    Red wine glass
  • 水杯
    Water cup
  • 醒酒器
  • 盘子
    Glass plate
  • 烛台
  • Trust is an honor
The choice of many foreign trade companies
  • more than 15 years of foreign trade supply experience.
  • complete inspection service system.
  • convenient port logistics support system.
  • charger plate
    Effect Picture 1
  • wedding plate
    Effect Picture 2
  • black floral stock plate
    Effect Picture 3
  • Glass Charger Plate
    Effect Picture 4
  • Wedding party glass plate
    Effect Picture 5
  • Gold Glass Charger Plate
    Effect Picture 6
  • Trust is an honor
Numerous choices of domestic sales companies
  • focusing on wine sets, drinking glasses, decanters, tea sets, etc.
  • it is a trusted partner for domestic supermarkets.
  • cross-border e-commerce direct supply.
  • With many years of industry experience, long-term supply for domestic e-commerce companies.

Since its establishment in 1996, our company has been committed to the production and export of glassware. Shanxi Province is the largest glassware production base in China. Taking advantage of Shanxi's rich material resources and glassware production experience, the products have developed into decorative crafts and high-end daily necessities in addition to simple daily necessities. The main products are champagne glasses, glass cups, glass egg cups, beer glasses, whiskey glasses, whiskey crystal glasses, crystal wine glasses, red wine glasses, cocktail glasses, glass plates, glassware plates, electroplated glass plates, wholesale trade plates, Tea set wholesale, etc. At the same time, improvements are made in blowing, cutting, vortexing, hand-painting, spray painting, etc., and with the help of experts from other glassware production bases to develop semi-machined products and machine-pressed products. In addition to product advantages, we pay more attention to providing customers with high-quality business services, including punctual samples and shipments, and strict protection of customers' special designs. Therefore, we have established a stable customer system and will continue to provide high-quality products and perfect services to win more business partners and the global market. Customers cover the whole country, mainly covering Guangzhou, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Shandong, Hebei, Fujian and other places. Qixian Ruiheng Glass Products Co., Ltd. has mainly exported these products to European and American markets for more than 20 years, and has a wealth of OEM experience for brand customers. In addition, we have our own factory and design team, which can design independently or produce according to your requirements.

  • 效果图1
    charger plate
  • 效果图2
    wedding plate
  • 效果图3
    Glass Charger Plate
  • 效果图4
    black Reef Charger Plate
  • 效果图5
    Dinner plate
  • 效果图6
    Pearl plate
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crystal glass
Q: Why choose crystal glass?
A: Also called crystal cup for short, it looks like ordinary glass. But different from ordinary glass cups, the body of crystal glass cups is plain and simple, transparent and without decoration, the whole body is slightly amber, the surface is polished, and ...
  • Q: The advantages of crystal cups
    A: 1. The raw material of the crystal glass cup is high-quality potassium carbonate purified from the ashes of plants. It does not contain heavy metals. The utensils made are safer and more reliable...
  • Q: How to choose crystal cup
    A: 1. Listening to the sound The sound of the crystal glass cup is more pleasing to the ear, and there is a beautiful lingering sound in the breath, rich in the reputation of "music".